quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

Capitão Nemo inspira músicas

Apesar de ter originalmente aparecido em 20000 Léguas Submarinas e A Ilha Misteriosa, o Capitão Nemo também apareceu em diversas letras musicais e inspirando outras, décadas depois de ter surgido na literatura. Veja alguns exemplos:

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Carlos Patrício disse...

A da banda sueca Ace of Base tem uma letra interessante:

"Captain Nemo is too good for you and me
Take a voyage to the bottom of the sea
He's a riddle you will see in the middle of the sea
If you ask him things about life, then he will say:

Oh no, I'm far too continental for mankind
I don't interfere in your life
See me as a searcher with the answers
To your world from under the sea

Captain Nemo knows the world be we don't know
What control of light and darkness means
He'll show
If we come in peace at heart
He may help us to restart what went wrong
So long ago from down below..."


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